Welcome to Worked Today support. Hopefully the notes below will help to answer any questions you may have but if you need further assistance you can reach us anytime at

Accounts & Billing

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Free trials run for 14 days, and don't require a credit card. When your trial is close to ending you'll see reminders on the Worked Today site and in Nudge emails. Once your trial comes to an end we will stop sending you nudges and a subscription will be required to continue using Worked Today. If you do not sign up for a paid subscription within 6 months of your trial expiring your existing data may be deleted from our systems. If you subscribe to a paid plan whilst on a free trial your card will not be billed until your trial end date.

How can I invite my team?

If your team uses G-Suite then anyone on your Gsuite Domain will be able to sign up with their work email address and be automatically added to your organisation.

If your team doesn't use G-Suite then you can invite your team members via email by going to

Settings → Users → Invite Co-workers

How does sign in with Google work?

When clicking the Sign in with GSuite button you will be taken to Google where you should sign in to yout account and allow Worked Today to know your identity. The only data we have access to and pull from Google is...

  • your name
  • your email
  • your domain and company name if you are a part of a business account

If your account is a part of an organisation that already has a Worked Today account then you will be automatically added to that organisation. For this reason we recommend always signing into Worked Today using your work email address.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time. Once cancelled no future payments will be taken and you will continue to have full access until your renewal date. We do not currently offer refunds for any time remaining.

If there's anything we can do to help you out before you leave don't hesitate to get in touch anytime.

To manage your billing preferences or cancel your account please visit: Settings → Billing

Do you offer Annual billing?

Yes, for teams larger than 10 members we can offer annual invoiced billing with a variety of payment methods if this is of interest please email us to arrange.

Do you offer discounts?

We are a small lean team and believe our prices are very fair. In order to help us invest in improving Worked Today whilst providing a fair price for everyone we don't offer any volume discounts.

The only exception to this rule is not-for-profit organisations who are eligible for a 50% discount. To apply for this please sign up for Worked Today and then contact us via email with evidence of your organisations status.

Email Nudges

How can I turn off emails?

You can change your notification preferences at any time by either:

You also have the option to configure your schedule to match your working pattern.

I'm not receieving daily nudges

Oh no! We'd really like to help with this. Here's some things to try:

  • Check you haven't already tracked time! Notifications won't get sent if you have already tracked time for the day.
  • Check your email matches the one you signed up with.
  • Check the mail isn't going to your junk folder, if it is you can move it to your inbox and try adding "" to your address book to help avoid future issues.
  • Check your schedule: Visit Settings → My Account → Notfications and check your account is setup to deliver notifications on the day and time in question.
  • Turn it off and on again: Visit Settings → My Account → Notfications and toggle your notification preferences off and back on again.

If you are still having issues we would really like to help troubleshoot things via email.

Slack Nudges

How do I install the Slack App?

Once signed into worked today you can install or manage the Slack App at Settings → Slack

What does the Slack integration do?

For users who have opted in, the Worked Today bot will send them a messages to remind them to track their time, these are sent in accordance with each users contact preferences. The message includes buttons to track time without having to visit the Worked Today website. This is the only thing the Slack bot does. The bot never attempts to join any channels or post to any users who haven’t explicitly opted in.

What data does Worked Today have access to?

We use OAuth to authenticate with Slack and as such never require or store user passwords directly, only rotating access tokens. We request the “bot” scope from Slack. Primarily this allows use to list users and public channels as well as direct message users. It does not allow us to read chat history or post in channels without being invited into them first. A full list of the access this grants us is available in the Slack documentation.

Why does each user need to authenticate?

Once the integration is configured and the bot is installed each user that would like to opt-in for Slack notifications will need to authenticate with their account. This is done to ensure we always communicate with the correct user, it allows us to get their Slack user id and associate their accounts. This authentication requests access to the identity.basic and scopes and as such doesn’t grant us any permissions beyond accessing their basic user account information.

What data does Worked Today store?

In addition to your access token the only information we hold from Slack is your name, team id and domain. We do not download, use or store any user lists, channel lists or conversation history.

What will non-Worked Today users in the same Slack Team see?

For users who haven’t yet connected their account they may still be able to see the Worked Today bot in the “Apps” section of Slack. If they attempt to talk to the bot they will be given instructions on how to sign in to Worked Today and associate their accounts.

How do I uninstall the Slack App?

You can uninstall the Worked Today Slack Bot from within you slack account settings at any time.